John Locking

John Locking



Leigh Grammar School , 1949 -1956
School Certificate
Ordinary Level
Passes in Maths, Science, French, English Literature and English Language,
Advanced Level
Passes in Maths, Physics and Chemistry

Leeds University
Honours degree in Psychology, 1959

Liverpool University
Diploma in Applied Psychology, 1960 (This dealt with psychology as applied to industry, and included work in vocational guidance)

New Jersey Neuro-psychiatric Institute, U.S.A.
Qualified as psychological interne in 1962
Here I gained experience of working with young adults with learning difficulties, and with inmates at a young men's reformatory

Monyhull Subnormality Hospital, 1962-1967
Basic Grade, then Senior Grade Psychologist
1966, published article in the magazine 'Journal of Mental Subnormality' entitled 'An Arithmetic Programme for the Subnormal Pupil'
Here I was especially concerned with devising teaching programmes for mentally handicapped young people.

Exe Vale Psychiatric Hospital Group
Senior Psychologist, 1967 -1970

Principal Clinical Psychologist for Derby Area Psychological Services
1970 - 1977
In this capacity I worked with adults and children having a large variety of psychiatric problems, in association with psychiatrists, in terms of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, and supervised other psychologists.

Psychologist at Cornwall Regional Hospital, Montego Bay, Jamaica
1977 -1980
Here I was mainly assessing families and children with problems and counselling parents as to the best way of handling these problems. I also did work in group therapy with adult psychiatric patients.

Principal Psychologist for Honormead Group of Special Schools, U.K.
1981-2001 (retired)
These schools at first were concerned with residential education for emotionally maladjusted children but later changed their populations and dealt with children who had speech and language problems, and/or learning difficulties of varying degrees, often with behavioural problems, also of varying types and degrees.

Articles published on the Internet concerning
Interesting types of behaviour observed in mentally handicapped children
Methods and systems of photographic, picture and symbol communication for use with mentally handicapped individuals who do not talk.

In 2002 I obtained a certificate in T.E.F.L. (teaching English as a foreign language)

Avocational interests and hobbies
Studying languages, ( I speak a little French, German, Italian, Thai and some Malay), Sailing , R.Y.A. Certificate in Dinghy Sailing , Sub-Aqua Diving , second class diver (was secretary of the Montego Bay Branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club),
Badminton, Tennis
(Present, active)
For many years I have been interested in bronze casting and have, since 1971, have usually had my own back-yard bronze casting facility, with furnace and foundry etc.

British Sign Language. Stage I certificate, and was about to take Stage Two but circumstances prevented me taking the examination.

I am also still carrying forward my interest in languages and am still researching and developing the above mentioned systems of pictorial communication.

Recently I have started to build a web site which, as well as containing articles on the psychology of the s.l.d. child, describes such systems.

Lately I have done volunteer work in S.E. Asia, including a well known hospital for autistic children in Bangkok, and a similar facility in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, Thailand. There, as well as advising generally on education, training and therapy I introduced the picture communication scheme described on the web site.